The Beginning

It’s the small things.

And the big things.

And all the things… and this is my humble attempt of trying to capture a small bit of the God-glory in my ordinary.


Driving to Colorado was quite the adventure. Let’s just say my three hours of driving stick shift will go down in history. And next time, I’d opt for a moped. As we drove towards Denver I shrieked in excitement when I saw the mountains looming in the distance. Something about the mountains makes me feel wanderstruck and instantly gives me a healthy dose of my smallness.


The weekend was spent relaxing at my dear friend Calie’s house. It was a life giving time of catching up with my Experience family. Calie and I drove to downtown Parker friday night. I instantly fell in love with quaint brick buildings and the spiced chai-tea I found nestled in my hand. Sunday, we attended Flat Irons Church. Although I personally lean towards more simplicity when it comes to worship services, I could not help but be in awe of the media production. Top-notch people. Oh, the pastor’s honesty was refreshing and solid as well.

Sunday Morning Church crew.

10330288_10203536720040207_3946189420477338241_nphoto 3 (1)

The rest of the day was filled with fun adventures including a stop by the the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. Yes, they were very yummy.

photo 4

Monday I officially started my internship at KBM. The days have begun to blur together as the office is buzzing getting prepared for the Experience students to arrive on Friday. We have painted offices, put together spiritual life binders, shopped for our international mission trips, and have had our hands on a plethora of other activities. It has been busy, and it has been such a sweet time of preparation. Oh, and I also have been prepping for helping lead a team to Honduras this summer for international portion. So for those that did not know, I’m going to Honduras! Yeah!


All of that being said….

I cannot wait for these students to get here on Friday!

God’s sweetness has been evident in the past few weeks. I’ve seen him in the humorous situations only I seem to find myself in. If you got a snapchat of a cat, you know what I am talking about. I’ve seen him in the rolling water and birch trees outside my host family’s home. Those happen to be the two things I miss the most when I am away from my Indiana home. I have seen him in testimonies, milkshakes, gratitude journals, receiving communion from dear friends, and sending off a dear mentor.

10357921_10152376624894351_143017542_nphoto 5

It has been beautiful.

Please continue to join me in prayer for the Experience Students arriving on Friday. Our hearts desire is they would see Jesus and experience his love and freedom this summer in new ways.

I hope to write a few updates throughout the summer as a way to keep you all connected.


Much love,



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