Diving Deep

There is freedom in confession. There is freedom in vulnerability. There is freedom found in community.

Above all, there is freedom in Jesus.

2 Corinthians 3:17 “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

God is here and he is moving. And I am very blessed to be apart of the ride. It has been a fantastic few days getting to know the experience team and hear their stories. Last night was a night of worship and redemption. God moved powerfully and you could almost hear the chains breaking in lives. Chains of hurt, abuse, pain, anger, lust, and insecurity (I could name more) were laid at the feet of the cross. Freedom is a beautiful sound. 

As we delve deeper into who Jesus is I have been reminded of my own identity in Christ.  As I live more fully into who he as created me to be, I find rest for my weary soul. 

Like the bottom of the ocean, we are unmoved by the crashing waves above with Christ as our anchor.



Here are a few snapshots from the past couple of days:


Team Name: The challenge was to create a team name and flag in order to present themselves to KBM staff and family. We gave them markers and paper. TBTB thought outside the box, which I loved.

The Bold and the Beautiful (AKA TBTB)



(Get it.. beautiful feet? )

Team Building: The goal, for five blindfolded teammates to put together a tent with the direction of the others. TBTB rocked it. 



Left to right: Heather, Ashley, Andrew, Devon, Ryan, Jessie, Jamey, Andrea, and Lauren

Oh and PS this is the team I will be co-leading to Honduras. They are spectacular people. Really. I wish you all could meet them and sense their desire for the Lord. Be praying for TBTB, that the Lord would go before us as we prepare for Honduras and they would be open to whatever God has in store for them as a team and individuals this summer. 


Much love,



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